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Reduce Electricity Consumption

Use renewable energy and reduce non-renewable.

Support us to increase renewable energy by reducing power consumption.

Save energy

Electricity Savings Increase the Share of Renewable Energies.

Renewable energies are gradually replacing conventional fuels in many countries. Nevertheless, the renewables only represent a share of 29.6 percent in Europe of overall electricity consumption. Technically, an exit from fossil fuels and nuclear energy would be feasible by 2030, but will that be put into effect politically? But also the switch to renewable energies requires more storage capacity which has also a negative impact on the environment. That's why, we at Watt Analytics want to make a contribution to the energy transition by reducing electricity consumption.

Future Topics Increase Energy Consumption.

Different studies indicate that electricity consumption would increase by up to 18% with the complete transition to electric cars in Austria. The switch to electric mobility is promoted by politics in most European countries. This means that our electric power consumption will definitely increase.

Further technological developments such as the advancing digitalization are also potentially contributing to a future increase of electrical energy demand. That is why, we - the Watt Analytics community - want to support these new developments by saving electricity.