Energie control via modern technology

Measurement & Control Device, AI Technology & App - The Components of the Watt Analytics Environment.
Watt Analytics has a specially developed technology for the efficient use of energy, consisting of hardware components and an AI cloud. Our technology analyses, forecasts and manages electricity consumption in real time using artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies. The cloud-based solution can be used for both private households and companies and enables significant improvements in energy consumption. This can be easily and self- managed, as the information and control options are available at any time via the Watt Analytics web app or mobile app. All devices have CE certification and are produced in Europe.


The iWattMeter is an intelligent electricity consumption meter that records the current electricity consumption in kilowatt hours (kWh). Private households and businesses receive the total electricity consumption in real time and to the second.


In addition to the functions of the iWattMeter, the iWattController offers the possibility to both control and optimally use self-produced electricity. You can link all components such as wall boxes, battery storage units and PV systems and control them centrally.


The collected data is stored in the cloud and can be displayed to the second via a browser or the app (available via iOS & Android). In addition, the iWattCloud offers the possibility of control in combination with the iWattController.

How it works

Detect consumption

We work with time series data of U, I, P and cos(φ) recordings between 1 and 4 Hz. These are recorded individually for each phase of an electrical installation. These records show the power consumption of all connected devices in the same phase as an overlay (total) of the individual power consumption of each device. Using statistical and pattern recognition methods, we reconstruct and isolate the individual power consumption per device.

Once Watt Analytics has automatically isolated a device turn-on, the system will look in its device database for devices with the same patterns and suggest them for you to confirm.

Energy Management

The Watt Analytics system is an intelligent 360° all-in-one solution for optimizing your photovoltaic system, energy storage and Wall-Box. By proactively controlling your devices or systems, you can use more of your own electricity from your PV system and energy storage. The special feature of the technology is that you do not need several apps and interfaces, as is the case with many conventional energy management systems. Starting with just one app, you can easily control all devices via the Watt Analytics mobile or web application.

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  • The Watt Analytics meter analyses the power consumed on the three phases at a central point (non-invasive load monitoring).
  • The meter delivers the data to the Watt Analytics server via WLAN/GSM/radio.
  • The data is stored in the Watt Analytics AI Cloud.
  • Based on the power consumption pattern, the respective consumer can be clearly identified from the Watt Analytics database.
  • The power consumption per consumer is displayed in the mobile app or on the Watt Analytics portal.
  • The continuous monitoring of your devices in operation also reduces unwanted and unforeseen maintenance events (predictive maintainance).
  • In addition, all energy systems such as PV systems, battery storage or wall boxes can be integrated via interfaces.

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