Use energy efficiently

Watt Analytics analyses, forecasts and controls electricity consumption in real time using artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies. The energy management, consisting of a self- developed innovative hardware and a cloud-based solution, can be used for private households as well as for companies and enables significant improvements in energy consumption. This can be managed easily by yourself, because the information and control options are available at any time via the Watt Analytics web app or mobile app. All devices have CE certification and are manufactured in Europe.

The Functions of Watt Analytics Technology

Our comprehensive energy management system offers many functionalities that are constantly being developed further.

Analyze Power Consumption

ONE installed iWattMeter/iWattController detects your devices without additional sensors.

Source Management

You can also integrate all energy systems such as PV systems, battery storage or wall boxes by using interfaces.

Real-Time Tracking

Open the Watt Analytics app or web dashboard and the current electricity consumption and production will be displayed in real time.

Individual Dashboards

Create your individual dashboard with the data that is most important to you.

Optimize Energy

The Watt Analytics system optimizes your electricity consumption based on self-production and load optimization.

Predictive Maintenance

Ongoing monitoring of your equipment also reduces unwanted and unforeseen maintenance events.

Increase Energy Efficiency

Especially in times of rising energy costs, our system helps you to reduce your electricity costs – on average between 15-25%. At the same time, you increase your green footprint and make an important contribution to combating climate change.

Save up to 25% on energy costs

With Watt Analytics, you significantly increase the consumption of your self-produced electricity. Your end devices are optimally controlled so that they draw electricity when the electricity price is lowest. In this way, unnecessary consumption can be identified and your energy costs reduced significantly. With the help of our machine learning technology, our system is able to continuously learn and improve itself, online and in real time.

Environmental protection through higher energy efficiency

Using our multi-layer optimization, we combine and synchronize all energy efficiency measures so that the best overall energy efficiency result is achieved from of all measures. With the help of our multi-layer optimization, you can use your energy demand as well as your self-produced electricity with the highest cost efficiency, at the best price-performance ratio and with the highest possible efficiency.

Efficient use of electricity from your own installation

With Watt Analytics, you achieve the highest energy efficiency in the consumption of your self- produced electricity. We optimize the electricity demand of controllable consumers in the best possible way and synchronize this with the availability of your own electricity from your energy systems (PV system and/or battery storage). For example, your electric car is charged when your own electricity is being produced.


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