Energy management for your household

Optimise your own electricity consumption.

Optimise your own power consumption!

Optimise the electricity demand of controllable consumers as best as possible and synchronise it with the availability of your own electricity from your energy plants. For example, you can charge your electric car when your own electricity is being produced.

Energy Transparency

  • Visualization of PV power (current, daily, ...)
  • Visualization of consumption in the house

Maximum use of PV Electricity

  • Switching consumers on and off (e.g., heat pump, additional heater, ...)
  • Charging of the e-car with own electricity

Load Management

Overloading of the lines (fuses) through intelligent switching on and off, of large consumers (charging station, additional heater, ...) is ensured by adapting to the maximum load profile of the house.

Monthly Consumption Report

  • Display of the exact operating times of the controlled appliances
  • Display of the electricity consumption of these devices (share of own electricity)


  • Increase in the consumption of own electricity
  • Improvement of the degree of self-sufficiency
  • Reduction in the purchase of electricity
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions (environment!)

Energy Efficiency

Analyze, optimize, and control your energy consumption with Watt Analytics. You can identify savings potential, use energy efficiently and significantly reduce your energy costs.

Protect the environment together through intelligent energy management Optimizing the use of self-consumption in photovoltaic systems

  • Visualization of PV power
  • Visualization of battery status
  • Independent control of devices (charging stations, hot water tanks, …)
  • Visualization of the power consumption of individual devices in the household (* only with Standard and Premium)
  • Archiving of measurement data in the cloud
  • Saving electricity and thus costs
  • Beitrag zum Umweltschutz (CO2)Contribution to environmental protection (CO2)
  • Sustainable management


The Watt Analytics iWattController is the intelligent heart of PV optimization. It collects all the information from the sensors and control devices. It is also connected to the mobile app and the web application and makes it possible to control the loads comfortably and reliably so that the self-consumption of the PV production is optimized.


The iWattMeter is an intelligent electricity consumption meter that records the current electricity consumption in kilowatt hours (kWh). Private households and companies receive the total electricity consumption in real time and to the second.

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