Watt Analytics GmbH

Energy monitoring for companies.

The intelligent technology for the efficient use of energy.

Several components integrated into an intelligent energy monitoring system

Watt Analytics provides a specially developed technology for the efficient use of energy, consisting of a hardware, the iWattMeter measuring device, as well as the Watt Analytics software with integrated AI cloud. Using the iWattMeter with phase detection and relay control, selected consumers can be “trained” beforehand and then monitored and controlled. Monitoring and control are software-based via a cloud-based AI platform on which any number of optimization profiles can be “superimposed”. This means that individual consumers can be controlled in real time on a multi-layer basis with regard to costs, quantity and user behavior. The measured data on energy consumption behavior recorded in this way can be used, for example, to predict consumption and load profiles (predictive profiling) as well as machine states (predictive maintainance).

How the Watt Analytics System works

energy monitoring in companies with the watt analytics system

The Watt Analytics measuring device, the iWattMeter, analyzes the power that is consumed in the three phases at a central point (non-invasive load monitoring).


The iWattMeter delivers the data to the Watt Analytics server via WLAN / GSM / radio. The data is stored in the Watt Analytics Cloud.


The Watt Analytics Server recognizes on the basis of the current curve in the respective phases when a consumer was switched on and how much electricity it consumed. Based on the power consumption pattern, the respective consumer can usually be clearly identified from the Watt Analytics database.


The power consumption per consumer is displayed in the mobile app or on the Watt Analytics portal and forms the basis for consumption optimization.


Watt Analytics also recognizes whether the in-house production (photovoltaics, combined heat and power plant, etc.) generates sufficient electricity and ensures that self-consumption is maximized.


Watt Analytics uses machine-learned and optimized consumption profiles and a coordinated relay control system to ensure optimal overall consumption control.

energy monitoring in companies with the watt analytics iwattmeter

The iWattMeter

The iWattMeter developed by Watt Analytics provides

  • Device (consumer) detection on each phase
  • and relay control of selected consumers,
  • which are "learned" in advance in the system.
  • The iWattMeter measures unique
  • energy consumption behavior data (including reactive and active current characteristics) in real time.
energy monitoring in companies with the watt analytics software and AI cloud

The Watt Analytics Software & AI Cloud

The Watt Analytics software consists of a cloud-based AI platform that

  • „superimposes“ any number of optimization profiles
  • via a multilayer optimization
  • for individual consumers in terms of cost and quantity
  • as well as user behavior and requirements.
  • The optimization is implemented profile-based and in real time
  • while delivering unique energy consumption behavior data.
energy monitoring with artificial intelligence and machine learning

The technology

The Watt Analytics System combines the strengths of the latest IoT technology with the strengths of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning to optimize the consumption of electrical energy.

This is done in real time using a cycle of 5 process steps that are continuously run through and updated:

1. Metering: Recording of the measurement data.

2. Profiling: The Watt Analytics software analyzes the measurement data and determines any number of consumer profiles.

3. Pattern recognition: Using our AI-based technology and machine learning, consumption patterns are recognized and created and sent to the Watt Analytics Cloud.

4. Prediction: The Watt Analytics System detects any deviations in consumption patterns and can, among other things, be used for predictive maintenance.

5. Device control: By means of the IoT technology, devices can be controlled in terms of optimal power consumption. The control of the consumer (operation) is based on learned multilayer profiles in real time.

Real-time control through multilayer optimization

energy monitoring and real-time control through multilayer optimization

The real-time control through the profile-based multilayer optimization enables

  • an optimization of electricity consumption by up to 40% to increase self-consumption or
  • an improvement of the load profile and thus a reduction of 15% -25% in energy costs.