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Saving energy in the company.

Identify and use significant cost potential through forecasts and real-time control.

We automate the last mile of your power supply

Watt Analytics analyzes, predicts and controls power consumption in real time using artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies. In concrete terms, this enables us to achieve significant improvements:

  • in monitoring and alerting
  • in the control of consumers based on individual load, behavior and cost profiles
  • in managing the complexity of various energy sources, consumption and demand patterns
  • in optimizing consumption and reducing costs
  • in the predictive maintenance of electricity-operated systems.

saving energy in the company with the watt analytics software and iwattmeter

Your benefits with Watt Analytics

Using our technology enables you:

  • an optimization solution tailored to your company,
  • an automated measurement and energy data acquisition in real time,
  • continuous identification and use of potential savings,
  • a device-specific energy consumption analysis with only one measuring device,
  • a detailed analysis of used costs and KWh,
  • a profile-based multilayer optimization with phase detection and
  • device-independent data availability and control options via the Watt Analytics web app and mobile app.

Join us on the path of maximum energy efficiency!

Use our technology to follow the consistent path of a tailor-made solution for your company for the individual control of your electricity consumers. This includes the necessary measuring devices, the installation, the recording and analysis of your electricity consumption data, the deriving of optimization suggestions and the automated control of your consumers. We are happy to support you in the implementation and realization of significant savings potential.

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save energy in the company with the watt analytics system

Measuring device, AI technology & app - The components of the Watt Analytics environment

Our iWattMeter electricity meter, the Watt Analytics AI technology and the Watt Analytics web app or mobile app are the components of the Watt Analytics Environment. The measurement data recorded by the iWattMeter is analyzed and interpreted in real time by our AI cloud. Our AI technology controls your consumers in real time. The information and control options are available to you at any time via the Watt Analytics web app or mobile app.

save energy in the company with watt analytics our performance promise

Our performance promise

  • We analyze, forecast and control power consumption in real time.
  • We are at your side with our technology and our know-how until the agreed optimization goals of your company have been achieved.
  • Investments in our technology almost always pay off within the first business year and thus bring an immediate budget improvement.
energie sparen im betrieb einsatzgebiete des watt analytics systems

Typical areas of application for Watt Analytics technology

Watt Analytics is commonly used for:

  • Energy supply companies who want to optimize utilization curves in terms of consumption and purchasing. The optimization is carried out by means of consumption forecasts and shifting consumption in times of cheap electricity purchases according to EEX. Furthermore, our technology is suitable for B2B2C sales to selected consumers to improve customer loyalty and consumption structure. In addition, our system can be used to solve critical consumption fluctuations in network operation as well as for interference suppression and real-time control of electricity access from photovoltaic systems.

  • Industrial energy consumers for multilayer consumption optimization, for increasing the self-consumption of alternative energy sources and for shifting individual load profiles according to the "best purchase" principle (e.g. EEX Daily Spot).

  • Users of industrial systems for the early detection of maintenance needs for electric motors and compressors as well as for cascading consumer connections and maintenance escalation based on multilayer behavior profiles.

From one-off optimization to a continuous improvement process

The best diet will not lead to sustainable success if you do not change your diet sustainably. With our automated machine learning technology and control of your energy consumers, we ensure that your energy efficiency measures, once successfully implemented, are lived in the long term and beyond the project period for years.

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