System 2 Software + iWattMeter + installation service if required

Your advantages

  • Analysis & optimization of your energy needs
  • Electricity and market comparison
  • Exact measurement data in real time
  • Detailed analysis results per every single device
  • Free registration on the Watt Analytics Portal
  • Free use of the Watt Analytics app
  • Free download of the analysis data
  • Installation service

iwattmeter bundle watt analytics

Power consumption data always in view with the iWattMeter

Gain full insight into your personal energy behavior. With our Watt Analytics Software and the iWattMeter you get accurate measurement data of your power consumption of every single device and in real time.

Gathering measurement data for every single device

Our intelligent software recognizes and analyzes the power consumption of individual devices. The total power consumption is divided by the separate measurement of reactive and active power to all devices registered in the software according to their consumption. Thus, you get device-accurate power consumption data and can make appropriate optimizations per device to permanently reduce your energy needs.

Save & download your consumption data

The Watt Analytics Cloud securely stores your measurement data and is always available via the Watt Analytics app or via the Watt Analytics Portal. You can access your power consumption data anytime and anywhere, download it as needed and save it externally, keeping the full cost overview.

Know where you stand with your electricity needs

Our software provides anonymized analysis results of all users of the Watt Analytics System. These metrics allow you to compare power usage data through our app or on the Watt Analytics Portal. You can compare your total electricity consumption with similar households or businesses as well as the power consumption of your devices with the consumption of the most energy-efficient devices on the market to identify potential savings.

Installations Service

For the fixed price of € 99, - you can book on request the installation and commissioning of your meter via our homepage. The installation is carried out by one of our partner electricians. Please contact your selected electrician personally to arrange an installation appointment. There are no additional costs for installation and journeying.

Our partner electricians

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