The Watt Analytics System

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Our energy-saving tips

The way to energy-efficient power consumption

Do you want to optimize your energy consumption, reduce your energy costs and switch to renewable energy?

Here are some energy-saving tips on how you can permanently reduce your energy costs and optimize your energy management.

Medium investments
  • Exchange household appliances and electronics
Big and long-term investments
  • Construct a PV system
  • Use hot water and heating from solar energy
  • Change heating installation
Other tips
  • Collect energy data
  • Save data to Watt Analytics platform
  • Install the energy monitor
  • Analyze and understand energy data
  • Create and register large and medium consumers in the system
  • Allocate 90% of the energy to individual devices
  • Identify potentials for improvement
  • Compare the power consumption of your own devices with others
  • Order recommended new devices directly from Amazon
  • Calculate ROI for device replacement
  • Change your energy behavior
  • Turn off the light and standby devices if not needed
  • Hang up the laundry instead of drying it
  • Change your energy supplier
  • Use LED lamps
  • Use the power strip for standby devices
  • Install motion detector for anteroom and cloakroom
  • Often it’s small improvements that make a big difference

Discover your savings potential!

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