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For us living sustainably is an attitude towards life.

Living sustainably is a decision. We wish to live sustainably, thus making an important contribution to sustainability and environmental protection within our society.

Thomas Hutterer-Tik

Thomas Hutterer-Tik

Living sustainably is the motto of Thomas, the founder of Watt Analytics. He is married and has three children. He spends his free time with his family or in the mountains climbing, hiking and ski touring. From very early on, he was particularly interested in computer science, he holds a degree in this field from the "Technical University of Vienna". Thomas started his career as a software developer, has developed into an architect and has been responsible for the architecture of innovative software solutions in a major international company for more than twenty years. His love for nature and his passion for computer science is the ideal combination for Thomas to promote environmental protection with Watt Analytics.

Lubomir Duchon

Lubomir Duchon

Lubomir is married and has two children. In his spare time, he is busy with video and audio productions. Lubomir holds a Bachelor’s Degree in "Informatics and Computer Security" from the "Constantine The Philosopher University, Nitra, Slovakia" and a Master’s Degree in "Informatics and Management" from the "BICB - Banking Institute, College of Banking" in Prague, Czechia. With the development of the iWattMeter, an electric power meter, Lubomir has made a significant contribution to the foundation of Watt Analytics. During his professional career, Lubomir has worked as a software engineer and as an executive manager in several national and international companies.

Christina Cisek

Christina Cisek

An environmentally-friendly approach plays an important role in Christina's attitude towards life. Watt Analytics offers her the opportunity to implement her beliefs and values in a professional context. Christina has many years of experience as a marketing manager, as an independent marketing expert and is the founder of the advertising agency "Simply Strategy". Christina holds a degree in "International Business Administration" from the University of Vienna. She supports Watt Analytics with the development of the online marketing system.

Ashkan Alikhani

Ashkhan Alikhani

Ashkan's curiosity about the "Millennium Bug" made him a software programmer some years ago. Since then he has been very enthusiastic about electronics and computers. He studied "Computer Engineering" in Iran and started a career as a software engineer. He believes that everything in this world is interconnected and that our planet is the infrastructure for this connection. Therefore, we should protect our Earth from careless handling. In his spare time, he enjoys reading books, playing music with friends, learning foreign languages or travelling to foreign countries. Ashkan is proud to be a member of Watt Analytics.

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