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Environmental Protection with Energy Monitoring

environmental protection

Energy Monitoring - Small steps with a big impact

What is Energy Monitoring?

Energy monitoring means the continuous recording, analysis and visualization of energy requirements, in private homes or in companies. Energy monitoring thus forms the basis of an energy management system. The current measurement of individual consumers as well as the evaluation and comparison of the measurement data obtained enables a detailed power consumption analysis of your energy behavior. Individual and efficient savings potential can be derived from these findings, both in watts and in euros. In this way, energy monitoring not only contributes to a reduction in energy consumption and costs, but is also an efficient measure for dealing with our environment in a way that conserves resources.

Energy Monitoring - Environmental awareness.

Environmental protection begins with the awareness that our natural resources on Earth are limited. Due to increasing economic and population growth and climate change, the consumption of resources is increasing steadily. And this is always associated with pollution for our environment. The consequences are emissions of pollutants in water, soil and air that permanently damage the ecosystem. It is a fact that the current use of our natural resources significantly exceeds the Earth's ability to regenerate. The only way to use our resources in the long term is to use them carefully. Only then can future generations draw from the wealth of our earth.

Detect potential savings with Energy Monitoring

Environmental protection begins with detecting potential for optimization. With our Watt Analytics Energy Monitoring System we start with energy consumption in households as well as companies. With our power saving system we create a generally accessible and user-friendly platform for people who want to actively promote and support environmental protection measures.

Environmental protection begins with everyone

Small changes in personal energy behavior are often sufficient to significantly reduce energy consumption. The more people participate, the greater the effect of saving energy. Become part of our Watt Analytics community and actively contribute to environmental protection!