Standard Cloud

Note: For business orders that require the inclusion of the UID-number, please send us a request via

  • 4Hz performance data storage: 1 year
  • 15 sec performance data storage: 2 year
  • 1 Hz solar production: 2 year
  • U, I, CosPhi, VA storage: N/A
  • CSV download: monthly package
  • API access: N/A
  • device recognition via SaaS licence: 50
  • mobile app training: live, guided, historic
  • web app – smart training: training
  • reports: free + per device
  • notification: free + high power usage
  • optimizing power consumption with switchable devices: 5 relays
  • customer service: mail

If the Cloud Standard or Premium subscription is not cancelled up to 1 month before the end of the annual subscription, the subscription will be automatically renewed by one year.

 90,00 / year