Energy management bundle for private customers (premium)

The premium energy management package for residential customers includes:

  • 1x iWattController
  • 4x Switches (Shelly Plug S)
  • 12 months premium access to iWattCloud


In addition to the electricity consumption analysis functions of the iWattMeter, the iWattController offers the possibility to both control and optimally use self-produced electricity. You can link all components such as wall boxes, battery storage units and PV systems and control them centrally.

The iWattController is supplied including all necessary magnetic contacts and connection cables.

Shelly PlugS

Shelly Plug S is an intelligent and compact adapter plug and very easy to install. It can be used for consumers connected to a power outlet and switch power up to 10 amps. The integration takes place via WiFi.


You get access to all your data for 12 months via our web interface and mobile app (available via iOS and Android). It is also possible to control electronic devices in combination with the switching devices.


Technical details and extensive documentation can be found at


  • If the Cloud Standard or Premium subscription is not cancelled up to 1 month before the end of the annual subscription, the subscription will be automatically renewed by one year.
  • For business orders that require the inclusion of the sales tax identification number, please send us a request via
  • For orders deliverable to places outside the European Union, please send us a request via


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