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Measure Power Consumption

for every electrical appliance in your home or office.

The latest pattern recognition methods allow us to measure the power consumption accurately on a device.

Measure power consumption for each electrical appliance: Watt Analytics uses a variety of algorithms to securely identify individual electrical devices. A stored device database supports here.

measure power consumption with watt analytics

How Does Watt Analytics Recognize Your Devices?

We use time series data of U, I, P and cos (φ) recordings between 1 and 4 Hz. These are recorded separately for each phase of an electrical installation. These records show the power consumption of all connected devices in the same phase as the superimposition (sum) of the individual power consumption of each device. By using statistic and pattern recognition methods, we reconstruct and isolate the individual power consumption per device.

If Watt Analytics automatically isolates a device after switching it on, the system searches for devices with a similar pattern within its device database and suggests one for your confirmation. You'll need to confirm the switching on process of your device three times before it is assigned to your private household as well as recorded by Watt Analytics. If Watt Analytics does not find a suitable device in its database, then you can also assign it manually.

The distinction between individual devices is possible if they differ in their active and / or reactive power or show a different chronological course of energy consumption at the same level of consumption. In each household there are some devices that cannot be distinguished from each other due to its low performance e.g. LED lamps, cell phone power supplies, TV standby, etc. However, these devices do not represent a significant proportion of overall energy demands.

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