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Optimize Your Photovoltaic System

Watt Analytics helps to use more own power from your photovoltaic system.

Increase your energy independence with your photovoltaic system and Watt Analytics.

The optimization of your photovoltaic system differs from the traditional Watt Analytics installation. With the photovoltaic system electrical appliances are actively controlled in order to consume electricity at the time the photovoltaic system supplies electricity.

optimize your photovoltaic and save money

What Is the Benefit of PV Optimization?

The surplus electricity generated by your PV system is returned to the network operator at a very low price (about 0.7 cents per KWh). Electricity is about three times more expensive. So why not consume more power at the time your PV system is operating and reduce it during night or bad weather?

That's exactly what the Watt Analytics PV-optimization stands for. It enables certain devices to be activated only at the time the PV system is generating power. Interested? Then send us a short e-mail, we will contact you to find a suitable solution.

optimize the photovoltaic system for hot water

Which Devices Are Suitable?

The hot water tank e.g. can be heated to 85 degrees with PV power, whereas Watt Analytics takes care of keeping the temperature to at least 65 degrees. Electric heaters and air conditioners can also be made to work at the time PV power is provided. But even dishwashers or washing machines can be controlled to start a preprogrammed function at the time PV power is supplied.