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Reduce power consumption and save costs

Our products – all from a single source

In order to reduce power consumption and save costs in private households in the long term, we offer suitable and customizable energy management solutions for every need.

reduce power consumption with the watt analytics power saving system

Our power saving packages

Our product portfolio can be summarized in three different power-saving packages, which include the components analysis software, power meter and installation service as required.

Each of our three packages is used for individual power consumption analysis and optimization of your energy needs in your private household.

Reduce electricity consumption with Package "Software only"

If you already have a current measuring device and would like to analyze and evaluate your measurement data, the Package "Software only" is the right one for you. This Package consists of our free Watt Analytics software.

Reduce electricity consumption with Package "Software & Meter"

Our Power Saving Package "Software & Meter" includes the Watt Analytics software, the iWattMeter and, if required, an installation service.

Reduce and control electricity consumption with Package "PV Optimization & Control"

If you own a photovoltaic system and want to use and control your own electricity optimally, the Package "PV Optimization & Control" is the right choice. This package consists of the Watt Analytics software, the SmartPI and an installation service if required

You can conveniently order all packages and their components via our website.

reduce power consumption with the watt analytics measuring devices

Our measuring devices

Our measuring devices are intelligent, electronic power meters that record your current power consumption in kilowatt hours (kWh) and euros. So you get your total power consumption in real time and to the second. Choose between our two measuring devices iWattMeter and SmartPI.

reduce power consumption by analyzing detailed measurement data

Our measurement data

With the Watt Analytics System you get detailed measurement data and measurement results about your power consumption. This data is recorded using our current measuring devices and processed using the Watt Analytics software. The protection of personal data is sacred to us. We take the highest possible data protection standards into account and only pass anonymized measurement data on to the Watt Analytics Community. As part of the Watt Analytics community, you can use the general data obtained to compare your electricity consumption with similar usage behavior and identify potential savings.