Watt Analytics GmbH

Individual energy saving projects

for commercial enterprises

Software, measuring device and project implementation included

Watt Analytics is ideal for optimizing the power needs of businesses

We offer customized solutions for your company in the form of individual energy saving projects. Included in our services are the necessary measuring devices including installation, the recording and analysis of their power consumption data with the Watt Analytics software as well as the derivation of optimization proposals. We are happy to advise you in the implementation of these optimization proposals. Feel free to contact us! After a first meeting, we will gladly prepare an individual offer suitable for you.

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Possible applications

  • Office space
  • Gastronomy facilities
  • Premises/sales outlets
  • Branches of banks and insurance companies
  • Hotels
  • Bed and breakfasts
  • Event spaces
  • Industrial plants with up to 400 Ampere per phase

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Project flow

1. We arrange an installation date with you. Our partner electrician or your in-house technician installs the suitable measuring device, the iWattMeter or the SmartPI.

2. After installing the measuring device and the Watt Analytics software, we support you in creating the devices to be recorded in the system.

3. After about a week, you will receive the first evaluations that provide information about all optimization options and potentials. We use the collected data to carry out a power consumption analysis. Together, we create an optimization plan and define your savings goals.

4. We support you in optimizing and achieving your savings goals. We use regular monitoring to determine whether and to what extent your savings measures are being implemented and are having an impact. You will receive a report on your electricity consumption and the optimizations achieved either weekly or monthly.

5. The optimization project usually extends over a period of around two to three months. After the first consultation phase, your power device remains installed and you can continue to monitor your power consumption.

From the one-time optimization to the continuous improvement process

We are happy to run a one-time optimization project for your company. Upon request, as a development stage, a continuous improvement process can be set up, in which the measuring device remains installed in your premises and you receive regular reports on the power consumption with individual suggestions for improvement.