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Analysis-Software + iWattMeter

Sustainably optimize your electrical energy consumption with the Watt Analytics electric meter.

Install the software and use the iWattMeter to reduce electricity costs.

electric meter iwattmeter current meter and software

Power saving package "Software & Watt Meter" for private households

The electric meter iWattMeter and the Watt Analytics Software are part of our package for electricity consumption analysis.

If you want to measure and optimize your electricity consumption at home, in your apartment or in your house, the "Software & Electric Meter" package is just right for you. This package consists of the iWattMeter and the Watt Analytics App.

watt analytics energy meter iwattmeter is installed in your meter box

The iWattMeter energy meter

The electric meter is installed directly in your meter box and records your entire power consumption data with a measuring accuracy of 4 records per second. So you get a complete overview of your personal power consumption from just one measuring device.

Further information and all technical data on the iWattMeter can be found here.

watt analytics power saving app as mobile app and web app

The Watt Analytics Software

For a device-specific power consumption analysis, you need the Watt Analytics Software. Via the Watt Analytics Mobile App or via the web app, your personal user interface on our website, you get access to your measurement data at any time, which shows you in detail how much electricity your electrical appliances use.

You can clearly evaluate your electricity consumption at any time, on the go or from home, over any period of time you choose and read out the corresponding savings potential.