Watt Analytics GmbH

Analysis-Software + iWattMeter

Sustainably optimize your electrical energy consumption with the Watt Analytics electric meter.

Install the software and use the iWattMeter to reduce electricity costs.

install watt analytics and save electricity

Get the Free Watt Analytics Software - the iWattMeter is Delivered to Your Home.

Download the software from the App store or Google Play store and install it on your phone. The iWattMeter will be sent to you. When ordering, you can optionally choose an electrician for the installation. You can also instruct your own electrician.

install watt analytics and save electricity

This is how the installation works.

  1. Download the Watt Analytics App for Android or iOS
  2. Register your own account in the login area of the Watt Analytics webpage or in the Watt Analytics App
  3. Start the Watt Analytics App
  4. Simply follow the instructions of the App

Analyze Your Wattage

Save Electricity and Money

Electric Power Consumption in Real Time

Precise Measuring Data

User-Friendly Handling

Monitor Your Household with Alarms

Complete Solution

Installation Service Included