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Power Consumption Calculator

Our power consumption calculator provides all the information you need to optimize your power consumption.

Power consumption calculators compare results with the community and submit proposals.

Watt Analytics offers different ways to optimize your power consumption by means of our power consumption calculator. You can achieve the best result by combining these suggested approaches.

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Follow Our Energy Saving Tips

Your mobile app will send you regular alerts with new energy-saving-tips. You will find those tips on our website according to your progress in training the recognition of your electrical appliances. This way, we help you to start with those items where the highest savings can be achieved.

If you follow the energy-saving tips, your recognition rate (the ratio between the total household energy consumption and the power consumption already assigned to electrical appliances) will increase and Watt Analytics will release latest tips.

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Analyze Your Devices

You can easily analyze the power consumption of your devices with Watt Analytics (for example, what difference does the energy saving programme of the washing machine make). You can use this information to change your behaviour (for example, use device programmings with low energy consumption) or exchange certain devices (for example, LED lights instead of neon lights).