Watt Analytics GmbH

Save Energy with the Watt Analytics System

Your electrician installs the meter and all you need is to download the software for saving energy.

If required, we also provide a partner electrician who installs the meter.

Save energy in a very simple and sustainable way: To be able to use Watt Analytics in your private home, you have to do two things: Install the meter in your meter box and download the mobile app on your phone or tablet.

save energy with the watt analytics meter

Installation in the Meter Box

The installation must be done by a licensed electrician. Please find under installation instructions how the Watt Analytics System has to be installed. You can choose one of our partner-electritions to do the installation for you.

The measuring devices are designed for an installation in the meter box. While installing the meter box the electrician connects it to the main power supply and clamps the current transformers across the individual phases and the neutral conductor, inducing a current, which is then measured by the meter.

save energy with the watt analytics app

Installation of the Software

You can find our App in the AppStore and Google Play Store. You can also use Watt Analytics within the protected area of our homepage.

After installing the App, you'll need to register your meter which we have sent to you and assign it to your household. Simply follow the instructions in the App.

After that, the system is ready to learn how to recognize your electrical appliances.