Watt Analytics GmbH

Our Vision – Save energy and costs

with the intelligent Watt Analytics System.

Save energy by analyzing the electricity consumption of each individual electrical device or plant.

A Community Full of Environment Friendly and Energy Saving People.

Save energy and respect our environment. Our vision is to create a community of encouraging people who share the passion to use energy efficiently with the Watt Analytics system. Together with this community we intend to reduce the power consumption of companies as well as private households by 20%. In our community different parties work together and share data as well as insights about power consumption.

save energy thanks to our partner network

An Intelligent System for Saving Energy.

With every Watt Analytics customer, whether company or household, the data base and thus the knowledge about the consumption behaviour of electrical appliances and plants, which are analyzed by Watt Analytics, grows. Community participants can use these data to develop energy-saving measures. Learn more in our data protection what data Watts Analytics stores and who can see it. We'll take you on a power-saving journey, where you can sustainably reduce your power consumption over time.

An Open System for Our Partners to Save Energy.

Power generators and network operators can use the data to optimize our electricity grids. Device manufacturers can learn more about the daily power consumption of their devices and can incorporate this knowledge into the development of new devices. Retailers can specifically identify energy-saving devices and thus offer their customers additional information. Developers, data scientists and researchers can use the data from Watt Analytics for scientific purposes, or they can extend the system of Watt Analytics via open system interfaces (for example, to control certain electrical appliances). The same applies to smart home providers. Photovoltaic system providers can help their customers to optimize their PV-system. Watt Analytics cooperates with many partner companies to continiously improve the system.