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Live sustainably and do good for the environment

Our team

For us, living sustainably is an attitude towards life.

Living sustainably is a decision. We want to live sustainably and use energy efficiently with the analysis and control of electricity consumption. In this way we make an important contribution to more sustainability and environmental protection in our society.

living sustainably Thomas Hutterer-Tik

DI Thomas Hutterer-Tik

Founder & Managing Partner

Thomas Hutterer-Tik has been an architect of innovative software solutions that are used in a large international corporation for over 20 years. He holds a master's degree in computer science from the Vienna University of Technology and already 30 years ago he dedicated his diploma thesis to the topic of artificial intelligence. For Thomas, his love for nature and his passion for computer science are the ideal combination to advance the topic of energy efficiency with Watt Analytics.

living sustainably Georg Greutter

Georg Greutter, MBA

Managing Partner

Georg Greutter is a passionate entrepreneur. As a specialist in the areas of business development and supply chain management in companies with several thousand employees, Georg has extensive international experience in Europe. In the course of his supply chain projects, he was entrusted with the task of reducing energy costs at numerous companies. Georg studied at the Vienna University of Economics and Business and has two international MBAs.

living sustainably Markus Leopold

Dr. Markus Leopold, MBA

Technical Consulting

Markus Leopold is the investor and CEO of the consulting company INVENTIO GmbH as well as a business angel and impact investor in several companies in Austria and England. His activity is preferably directed towards investments in companies with high potential that have a lasting positive effect on the environment. Markus received his Ph.D. in "International Management" at the University of Vienna and holds an MBA.

living sustainably Lubomir Duchon

Lubomir Duchon

Head of Product Development

Lubomir Duchon is Software Architect, Internet of Things Specialist and CEO of ILFIRON, s.r.o. With the development of the iWattMeter measuring device, Lubomir made a significant contribution to the founding of Watt Analytics. Lubomir holds a master's degree in Information Technologies and Management from Constantine The Philosopher University, in Nitra, Slovakia, and a bachelor's degree in Informatics and Computer Securities from BICB - Banking Institute, College of Banking.

living sustainably Christina Cisek

Mag. Christina Cisek


Christina Cisek has many years of experience as Head of Marketing and Marketing Manager for internationally active companies and is the founder of the advertising agency "Simply Strategy". Christina studied international business administration at the University of Vienna. For Christina, a resource-saving approach is an important part of her way to life, both professionally and privately.

living sustainably Ashkan Alikhani

Ashkan Alikhani

Software Development Frontend

Ashkan's curiosity about the “millennium bug” turned him into a software programmer years ago. Since then he has been involved in electronics and computers. He studied computer engineering in Iran and started a career as a software engineer. He believes that everything in this world is interconnected and that our planet is the infrastructure for this connection. Therefore we should protect the earth from our negligent use of it.

living sustainably Stefan Milchram

Stefan Milchram

Software Development Machine Learning

Stefan Milchram has many years of experience as a software developer, architect and consultant. Reducing his ecological footprint is very important to Stefan. That, and a great interest in big data applications, brought him to Watt Analytics.