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Save energy in industry with the Package XL

The Watt Analytics Package XL is aimed at large industrial companies, companies with industrial systems, large building systems, cable car operators, etc. with an annual power consumption of 400,000 KWh or more.

Save energy in industry with artificial intelligence

The components of the Package XL

  • iWattMeter ammeter: € 775,00
  • Watt Analytics Analysis Software
  • Use of the basic functions of the Watt Analytics IoT Cloud

Further components if required

  • Installation of the iWattMeter
  • Support for device recognition
  • Support for power consumption analysis
  • Watt Analytics IoT Hub

Costs for using the Watt Analytics IoT Cloud

There are individual costs for using the license depending on the scope and needs. Please contact us for an individualized offer.

Save energy in industry application areas of watt analytics

Typical areas of application

The Watt Analytics Package XL is usually used for large industrial companies that want to optimize utilization curves in terms of consumption and purchasing. The optimization is carried out by means of consumption forecasts and shifting consumption in times of cheap electricity purchases according to EEX. Furthermore, our system can be used to solve critical consumption fluctuations in network operation as well as for interference suppression and real-time control of electricity access from photovoltaic systems.