Watt Analytics GmbH

Energy data management system

with Artificial Intelligence.

Energy data management with the Package L

The Watt Analytics energy data management system automates the last mile of your power supply. Analyze, optimize and control your electricity consumption in real time with the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning. With the use of the Watt Analytics technology you achieve significant improvements in energy monitoring and alerting, in the control of consumers with the help of individual behavior, load and cost profiles as well as for the predictive maintenance and servicing of electricity-operated systems.

The Watt Analytics Package L is aimed at commercial and industrial companies with an annual electricity consumption of up to 400,000 KWh.

Energy data management with artificial intelligence

The components of the Package L

  • iWattMeter ammeter: € 555,00
  • Watt Analytics Analysis Software
  • Use of the basic functions of the Watt Analytics IoT Cloud

Further components if required

  • Installation of the iWattMeter
  • Support for device recognition
  • Support for power consumption analysis
  • Watt Analytics IoT Hub

Costs for using the Watt Analytics IoT Cloud

There are individual costs for using the license depending on the scope and needs. Please contact us for an individualized offer.

stromverbrauchsoptimierung mit watt analytics anwendungsgebiete

Typical areas of application

The Watt Analytics technology is commonly used:

  • For the analysis, optimization and control of industrial consumers for multilayer consumption optimization

  • to increase the self-consumption of alternative energy sources and

  • for shifting individual load and behavior profiles according to the "best purchase" principle (e.g. EEX Daily Spot)

  • by users of industrial systems for the early detection of maintenance requirements for electric motors and compressors (predictive maintenance) and
  • for cascading consumer connections and maintenance escalation based on multilayer behavior profiles.