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Control your PV system with the Watt Analytics technology.

Use your own electricity efficiently.

Control your PV system with the Package Control S

The Watt Analytics Package Control S is suitable for businesses and private households with an annual power consumption of up to 25,000 KWh. The prerequisite for this package is an already installed photovoltaic system.

control pv system

The components of the Package Control S

  • SmartPI ammeter: € 275,00
  • Watt Analytics Analysis Software
  • Use of the basic functions of the Watt Analytics IoT Cloud

Further components if required

  • Installation of the SmartPI: € 100,00 per measuring device
  • Support for device recognition: € 100,00
  • Support for power consumption analysis: € 480,00

Costs for using the Watt Analytics IoT Cloud

  • Use of the basic functions: free of charge
  • Standard Package: € 5,00 per month
  • Premium Package: € 10,00 per month

Installation manual


The SmartPI

electric power meter SmartPI

Do you use a PV plant for the production of own electricity? Do you consume night electricity for your electric heater or your water boiler? The SmartPI is the ideal meter for private homes and companies who want to produce individual current, e.g. via a PV system, and wish to control as well as make optimal use of the self-produced electricity.

The SmartPI is equipped with built-in software that records total power consumption as well as power generation.

The SmartPI is delivered including all necessary current transformers and connecting cables.

Here you learn more about installing the SmartPI.

Raspberry Pi compatible connector, Raspberry Pi compatible size

Galvanic separation

Integrated power supply from the voltage measuring path via stable terminals (optionally 2A or 2.5A DC current)

Opensource driver and API

Current measurement on 3-phase + neutral conductor

Connection for current transformers with secondary output 1A / 50mA

Screw terminals for connecting the current and voltage measurement

Battery-buffered RTC

Integrated RS-485 interface for connecting Modbus devices

Relay for switching, additional status LED

Valuable housing with DIN rail mounting

Setting up SD card for SmartPi:

CAUTION: all data on the SmartPi will be deleted! Please backup them upfron if necessary.

First of all, you need to download the latest version of SmartPi image from link below (~4 GB): https://files.watt-analytics.com/wa-pi.dmg.zip

When download is finished, extract the zip file somewhere on your hard drive.

Copy the image to SD Card:

(Min. 16GB SD Card required)

Insert the SD Card into your SmartPi

Update firmware wa-pi.jar:

First of all, you need to download the latest version of wa-pi.jar from link below (~17 MB): https://files.watt-analytics.com/wa-pi.jar

When the download is completed, transfer the file to SmartPi e.g. with FileZilla or WinSCP. Therefor use user pi and transfer the file into the directory /home/pi

After that you can activate the new firmware. Connect with "ssh pi@IP-of-your-SmartPi" to your SmartPi. Then enter the following commands

  • sudo mv wa-pi.jar /usr/local/bin/wa-pi.jar
  • sudo systemctl restart wa-pi.service
  • journalctl -f -u wa-pi.service

In the terminal you should see the following:

  • Started wa-pi Java Service
  • WaPiApplication - Version: x.y.z (as announced by mail)
  • ... INFO and WARN messages, but no ERROR messages

  • Choose “Add new Watt Meter” from the app menu.

    * Make sure your phone is connected to Wifi and mobile data is shut off

  • Press "Get Started"
  • Connect your mobile phone to smartpi-webgui Wifi hotspot with password "ChangeMe"
  • In the mobile app, press "Connect to Wifi"
  • Login to RaspAP with user name: “pi” and password: ”smart4pi”
  • Select "Dashboard" from the RaspAP menu
  • Press button "Start wlan0"
  • Select menu "Configure WiFi client"
  • Scroll down to the Wifi you want to use for SmartPi
  • Enter your Wifi password in the field Passphrase and press button "Add"

    * This operation takes long, often more than 1 minute. Wait until the browser page is refreshed.

  • Go back to the mobile app and press button "Connect" then follow the app instructions.