Watt Analytics GmbH

Optimize energy consumption and save electricity costs

in private households or businesses.

Optimize energy consumption with the Package S

Optimize energy consumption and save energy costs in the long term by measuring, analyzing and optimizing your personal energy behavior.

The Watt Analytics Package S is suitable for businesses and private households with an annual power consumption of up to 25,000 KWh.

Optimize energy consumption in businesses with the watt analytics system

The components of the Package S

  • iWattMeter ammeter: € 165,00
  • Watt Analytics Analysis Software
  • Use of the basic functions of the Watt Analytics IoT Cloud

Further components if required

  • Installation of the iWattMeter: € 100,00
  • Support for device recognition: € 100,00
  • Support for power consumption analysis: € 360,00
  • Watt Analytics IoT Hub: € 245,00

Costs for using the Watt Analytics IoT Cloud

  • Use of the basic functions: free of charge
  • Standard Package: € 5,00 per month
  • Premium Package: € 10,00 per month
Optimize energy consumption with the watt analyics app

Detailed data on power consumption can be called up at any time

The software displays the following data:

  • All active and inactive devices that are registered in the software
  • Total electricity consumption in KWh and euros in the selected period
  • Measurement data per device such as energy consumption in watts and euros, number of times the device was switched on with date and time, detection rate
  • Selection of the displayed period using the zoom function
  • Display of measurement data in real time
  • Detection rate of all electricity consumers in the household or company

iWattMeter Firmware Upgrade

  • Download the latest stable version of the iWattMeter firmware from this link (~1.3 MB): https://files.watt-analytics.com/iwattmeter_v2.1.31.bin
  • Find-out iWattMeter (local) IP address based on list of all network devices listed in your Wi-Fi router or by using Advanced IP Scanner application. Make sure your computer is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as iWattMeter. You can determine iWattMeter IP address based on the MAC address which has the last 6 characters the same as iWattMeter's Device-ID (see it on the device enclosure).
  • Open OTA upload form in browser at the location: "http://iwattmeter-ip/ota/upload". Example: if the IP address of iWattMeter is the upload link location would be:
  • You should see the page similar to this:
    iWattMeter OTA upload
  • Select the firmware binary (click on "Choose File" button) and click on "Update" button.
  • Observe the upload progress in browser's left bottom corner.
  • Once the update is finished, the browser shows the message similar to this: {"id":0,"message":"ok"}. If there is an error message, turn OFF and turn ON iWattMeter, wait until it is connected to Wi-Fi (approx. 30 seconds) and repeat the OTA upload step again.
  • If the upload is successful - turn OFF and turn ON iWattMeter.