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A lot has happened since the last news in summer 2020: Two more premium features are now available for customers who pay a monthly service fee. Find out more in our blog post.

When you save energy at home, you’re not only saving money – you’re also helping the environment. There are plenty of ways you can save electricity at home through just a few simple changes. The fallowing tips and hacks will help you to lower your electrical bills and help the environment through any season.

How high are the potential savings really? How much energy can be saved with individual systems in a company or individual consumers in the household? To answer these questions, a power calculator with a sophisticated hardware and software architecture was created ...

This morning I was shown an unknown consumer in the Watt Analytics app. This device consumed about 30 watts for 1.5 minutes. I was wondering what device that could be!

LIGHTECH, a design and a consulting company, has integrated several iWattMeter devices, the smart energy meters, in its building that send data to the Watt Analytics cloud.

Further innovations have been implemented on the Watt Analytics mobile application. The display of date and time in notifications is formatted according to the selected application language.

I would like to make my contribution to a more energy-efficient and sustainable world with electricity monitoring.

A successful supplier of automation solutions for the automotive industry, MATADOR Group has included iWattMeter - the intelligent power meter in its administration building.

We would like to inform you that we are still highly motivated to work on our energy saving system. We are still available for you during the quarantine period.

One of the largest and popular Slovakia ski resort - Roháče-Spálená has started using the intelligent electricity meter iWattMeter, which sends data to the cloud of Watt Analytics.

I'll tell you how I have fully optimized my house in a few weeks.