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energy calculator for saving energy in housholds and businesses

It started with the idea for an intelligent energy calculator

"Nothing in the world is as powerful as an idea whose time has come." (Victor Hugo).

We are convinced that it is our responsibility to use the resources of our planet sustainably and responsibly in order to preserve them for future generations.

With this in mind, Watt Analytics was founded with the aim of supporting a sustainable energy industry.

Energy calculator with long-term-effect

Equipped with the necessary technical know-how, Thomas Hutterer-Tik, the founder of Watt Analytics, began to analyze the energy consumption of his home. He combined measuring devices available on the market with a computer and a self-programmed software. So he developed the first Watt Analytics energy calculator and found that with only minor optimization measures, there was a substantial potential for saving his energy consumption.

Energy calculator with deeper insights into energy behavior

How high are the potential savings and what do the individual consumers in the household contribute to the total energy consumption?

To answer these questions, an energy calculator with a sophisticated hardware and software architecture was created. This new energy calculator gives deeper insights into the power consumption and the energy efficiency of individual electrical devices by means of a detailed power consumption analysis.

In December 2018, Thomas Hutterer-Tik brought his technology to a start-up and founded Watt Analytics.