Watt Analytics GmbH

Analyze Your Power Consumption.

The Watt Analytics system calculates the energy consumption of each individual device.

Your electricity consumption becomes transparent and can be optimized.

analyze power consumption with watt analytics

Several Components, Integrated into One System, Measure Your Power Consumption.

The Watt Analytics system consists of a meter, which is installed in the meter box, the Watt Analytics server, the Watt Analytics mobile app and the dashboard on our homepage. The meter analyzes the current power consumption four times a second on each phase and reports these data to the Watt Analytics server in the cloud. These data are processed on the server so that you can retrieve them via the Watt Analytics app or via the dashboard.

measure power consumption with watt analytics

Accurate Data in Real Time

The meter is directly connected with your power supply and measures your power consumption in real time. Due to the high resolution as well as the separate measurement of reactive and active power, the total consumption can be broken down to each individual device without having the measuring devices connected to the appliances. In research this is referred to as NILM (non-invasive load monitoring).

We also use these data to send you a warning message to your mobile phone e.g. in the case of an open refrigerator door (Smart Alerting).