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Electricity Saving Tips from Our Community

Use our power saving tips to get the most out of Watt Analytics.

On a regular basis a range of power saving tips are put together for you and explained step by step by Watt Analytics.

Power-saving tips are specifically selected for you to further optimize your Watt Analytics system for your home or business. Here you can find a list of general power saving tips. As a member of our community you can find a more specific list with tips - based on the recorded energy consumption of your electrical appliances - in the protected area of our homepage. Therefore, act quickly and become a member to be able to save energy even more efficiently! Learn more about our products and profit from the benefits of our community!

Reduce Your Standby Electricity

Electrical appliances that are turned on by remote control, need electricity, even if they are not used. Here you learn more about how to minimize the standby power of your electrical appliances without sacrificing comfort.

Use the ECO Programmes of Washing Machines and Dishwashers

Modern washing machines and dishwashers have been supplied with eco programs for many years. According to our experience, they actually consume less power, even if they take longer to achieve the desired cleaning effect.

A Few Simple Tips to Significantly Reduce Power Consumption During Cooking.

While heating or cooking food there is the possibility to save a lot of electricity especially when a few things are taken into consideration.

Save Energy by Optimizing Your Fridge and Freezer!

The cooling devices are real power guzzlers. It is therefore worthwhile to take a closer look.

Hot Water in the Household - Even Here, There is Energy Saving Potential!

Whoever saves water, saves electricity. But also setting the right hot water temperature helps to save electricity. Electric continuous-flow water heaters are real energy-saving supporters.

As part of the Watt Analytics Community you can expect a lot more power-saving tips. But how do you benefit from it in your private home? This is precisely what the Watt Analytics system is for. Our intelligent digital electric meter records the power consumption per appliance. This will allow you to see exactly how effective your personal power-saving measures are.