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Compare your Electricity Consumption

and start your power-saving journey.

Optimize your electricity consumption in the long run by using the monthly electricity comparison.

Benefit from the Experiences of the Watt Analytics Community in the Long Term!

Each month your power-saving journey compares your electricity consumption and indicates the amount of its decrease. Watt Analytics monthly power comparisons help to reduce your energy consumption in three different ways:

  • Watt Analytics gives hints about saving energy by changing your current habits.
  • Watt Analytics helps to optimize your power consumption of individual devices.
  • Watt Analytics informs you about energy-saving devices if you're thinking of buying a new device.

We recommend that you first analyze your power consumption with Watt Analytics and then perform meaningful initial measures. See our energy-saving-tips for more information. More expensive devices have a certain service life and should be replaced with more energy efficient ones as soon as they arrive at the end of their life cycle. Watt Analytics helps you to find devices that use significantly less power.

electricity comparison with watt analytics

Your Energy-Saving Journey Simply Presented.

This graphic displays your power consumption in KWh at the time, there are three interesting curves:

  • The blue line shows how your electricity consumption would develop if no action was taken. Your power consumption is constantly increasing.
  • The green line shows how your electricity consumption would develop if you implemented all the actions proposed by Watt Analytics. It gradually decreases depending on the respective measures.
  • The red line indicates your actual power consumption. Maybe you can do even better than the curve in the graph? 😃😃😃