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PV Optimization - Watt Analytics Webinar.

Webinar "Use PV Energy efficiently" - Optimize your own electricity consumption from your photovoltaic system.

You can stream the webinar "Use PV Energy efficiently" from December 18, 2020 here.


Date: Friday, December, 18, 2020

Time: 10.30 am

End: 11.30 am

Contact: office@watt-analytics.com

Language: Due to international participants, the webinar will be held in English.


  • Welcome & introduction
  • Trends and aspects in the implementation of photovoltaic concepts, presented by René Neubauer, MA
  • Energy management and increased self-consumption in PV use, presented by DI Thomas Hutterer-Tik
  • Discussion, questions & answers

Content of the webinar

PV Optimization - How can you optimize your own electricity consumption from your photovoltaic system and use the electricity you produce yourself efficiently?

PV optimization through proactive control

In practice, the point in time at which solar power is generated hardly coincides with our daily rhythm for using electricity. In most cases, excess self-generated electricity is therefore given to the network operator at a very low price, while expensive network electricity has to be bought in if necessary. But why not use electricity at that point of time when the photovoltaic system is generating its own electricity? Watt Analytics PV optimization enables this through proactive control of your devices or systems.

In our webinar, René Neubauer, MA, Managing Director of CrossPower Energy GmbH, presents trends and aspects in the implementation of photovoltaic concepts.

Afterwards, Thomas Hutterer-Tik, Managing Partner and founder of Watt Analytics, will give you an insight into the Watt Analytics System, which uses intelligent Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technology, by means of a life demo.

You will learn how the correct dimensioning of your PV system and the economically sensible limit for the use of storage media (batteries) can be found using real-time simulation.

The speakers

DI Thomas Hutterer-Tik, Founder & Managing Partner

Thomas Hutterer-Tik has been an architect of innovative software solutions that are used in a large international corporation for over 20 years. He holds a master's degree in computer science from the Vienna University of Technology and already 30 years ago he devoted his diploma thesis to the topic of artificial intelligence. In December 2018 he founded the startup Watt Analytics.

René Neubauer, M.A., Managing Director CrossPower Energy GmbH

René Neubauer is a specialist in the areas of business development, project development & implementation as well as marketing & sales for renewable and sustainable energy in all areas of application such as e-mobility, hybrid power supply solutions based on battery storage, energy transmission and distribution systems as well as photovoltaic systems and wind turbines. His track record includes international projects in several countries such as Ethiopia, Switzerland, Romania, Iran, Malaysia, China, Pakistan, Switzerland, Germany and Saudi Arabia.


Mag. Christina Cisek, Marketing, Watt Analytics


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