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Power saving tip from the Watt Analytics community

Save standby power with the Watt Analytics App

How much power does a laptop use in sleep mode?

Detect and save standby power. An experience report from the Watt Analytics Community.


This morning I was shown an unknown consumer in the Watt Analytics app. This device consumed about 30 watts for 1.5 minutes. I was wondering what device that could be! With a look at the dashboard of the Watt Analytics Web App, I could see that this event had occurred approximately once an hour throughout the night.

There are not many devices that have a "life of their own" in my apartment. I suspected that a PC or laptop in standby or energy-saving mode could have been the trigger for this.

And indeed! My iMac was in standby mode during the night and consumed electricity unnecessarily.

My lesson from this: From now on, I will always switch off my laptop completely in the evening - this saves electricity and money.

Thomas Hutterer-Tik, Vienna