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LIGHTECH, Ltd. uses iWattMeter – the intelligent energy meter


LIGHTECH, a design and a consulting company, has integrated several iWattMeter devices, intelligent energy meters, in its building that send data to the Watt Analytics cloud.

LIGHTECH is a company that pays attention to energy efficiency and environmental responsibility. Thanks to the Watt Analytics Energy Saving System and the intelligent iWattMeter energy meters, management of LIGHTECH monitors total electricity consumption, consumption on individual floors of the building as well as in the selected offices.

Energy meter to recognize potential energy savings

As an energy audit provider, LIGHTECH has the opportunity to see that Watt Analytics technology, with its high frequency of power consumption data sampling (4 Hz x 3 phases) and measurement accuracy of up to 1%, provides an ideal solution for the company and their customers. The company’s aim is to determine the amount of electrical energy consumption in buildings and calculate the potential for energy savings.

Optimization project to reduce electricity consumption – Project goals and results

As part of an optimization project, Lightech, s.r.o. defined two main project goals and achieved the following results with the Watt Analytics System:

Project goal 1

Optimize the costs for electricity consumption from January 2020 in its building at Stará Vajnorská 90, Bratislava, Slovakia.

Savings achieved

  • For the period from 01.01.2020 to 31.05.2020, 12% of electricity costs were saved, which represents € 650,00.
  • The expected return on investment in the Watt Analytics system is 8 months.

Project goal 2

Monitor the consumption of other tenants in the Lightech building from January 2020.

Project result

  • For the period 01.01.2020 to 31.05.2020, Lightech measured and analyzed the electricity consumption of the individual tenants using the measurement data from the iWattMeter. No tenant had any objections to measuring electricity consumption.
  • The reliable measurement results of the Watt Analytics system represent added value to Lightech’s provided rental services.