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Experience Report

from the Watt Analytics Community

Current monitoring - experience report on the Watt Analytics System


"I would like to make my contribution to a more energy-efficient and sustainable world with electricity monitoring."

I bought the Watt Analytics System including the iWattMeter based on the following motives. On the one hand, I am tech-savvy and wanted to get to know and monitor the actual power consumption of my devices. Furthermore, I am always interested in environmental issues and would like to make my contribution to a more energy-efficient and sustainable world. Last but not least, I want to reduce costs wiht the help of electricity monitoring without sacrificing comfort.

A Watt Analytics partner company installed the iWattMeter and connected the device to my WLAN. The Watt Analytics App is clear and self-explanatory and so I started to “teach” and „train“ my devices to the Watt Analytics System in my spare time.

Quickly, with the Watt Analytics current monitoring system I analyzed my top consumers (whirlpool, heat pump, halogen floodlight in the living room, etc.). Immediately, I started researching how I can improve my energy consumption.

Even with smaller consumers, such as halogen spots, you can quickly and significantly reduce your power consumption. I bought LED spots with 4 watts instead of my halogen spots with 28 watts. That means 7 times less power consumption! I can really recommend the Watt Analytics electricity monitoring system - join the Watt Analytics community!

Gernot Oliva, Klagenfurt, Austria