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MATADOR Group, a leading automotive supplier, has included Watt Analytics technology in its building


A successful supplier of automation solutions for the automotive industry, MATADOR Group has included iWattMeter - the intelligent power meter in its administration building that sends data to the Watt Analytics cloud.

Thanks to measurement data that is sent to the Watt Analytics cloud at high sampling frequency (4Hz x 3 phases), building management could immediately identify the high savings potential by properly adjusting the water heating in the boilers installed in the kitchens located on each floor.

In addition, Watt Analytics cloud data outputs were used to design new energy-efficient LED lighting in the corridors. This data has shown that the new LED illumination really represents a significant saving over the original fluorescent lighting.

MATADOR Group uses Watt Analytics technology to continuously measure and optimize the energy consumption of its building, helping to protect the environment and reduce CO2 production consistently.