Watt Analytics GmbH

Digital electric meter iWattMeter

Ski resort Roháče-Spálená

New customer of Watt Analytics.

The Ski Resort Roháče-Spálená has become a customer of Watt Analytics


One of the largest and popular Slovakia ski resort - Roháče-Spálená has started using the intelligent digital electric meter iWattMeter, which sends data to the cloud of Watt Analytics.

The Intelligent power meter iWattMeter has been connected to monitor power consumption in a newly built restaurant on the ski resort and helps to monitor and optimize power consumption.

Watt Analytics uses collected data to show individual devices switched on in (near-) real time and indicates too much power consumption. This allows the operator to respond adequately while contributing to a more economical and environmentally friendly operation of the entire building.

Management of TATRAWEST, s.r.o. uses Watt Analytics technology to track longterm overall consumption in the restaurant building, thus identifies the appliances with the most significant electricity consumption. This helps to design better energy plan throughout the whole Roháče-Spálená ski resort.