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Optimization of my lakeside holiday home


I'll tell you how I have fully optimized my house in a few weeks.

The iWattMeter has just been delivered and installed. Fortunately, I still have enough space in my meter box to install it there. I learned from Thomas that it would also be possible to install the iWattMeter outside of the meter box, but this is not needed in my case. The installation is completed within an hour - everything my electrician needs is part of post-delivery.

Before that I downloaded the app and filled in the few data fields. After installing the iWattMeter in the meter box you still have to connect it to the Wi-Fi. You just follow the instructions in the app - all in all this is done in 5 minutes. I have already received the first values in the app. I consume electricity for 20 cents a minute! That would be about 1.752, - Euro per year. Well, it's already evening and on the ground floor the light is on. Yes, the TV is running, it's country match time! But apart from fridge & Co no specific appliances are on.

Next week I will start training the device recognition. I am extremely keen to see how it is working. In any case I will keep you informed.