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New business opportunities

on the open Watt Analytics platform

We Are Looking for Cooperation Partners!

Electricians that

  1. benefit from installing the iWattMeter,
  2. use the Watt Analytics solution to identify and replace inefficient electrical devices,
  3. use the WattAnalytics system for a cost-effective long-term analysis of faulty electrical installations (such as aluminum wires in very old buildings).

Device manufacturers who use Watt Analytics data to analyze the real energy use of their devices and to analyze their consumer behaviour to optimize device energy usage and usability.

Electrical Appliance Distributors who receive customer recommendations from Watt Analytics.

PV vendors and sellers who sell the SmartPI and receive sales contacts from Watt Analytics.

Researchers who use access to annotated metrics to develop new analytics and algorithms.

SW Developers who develop apps and algorithms that use and extend the Watt Analytics System.

Smart Home Vendors who

  1. integrate the Watt Analytics system to expand their own product offering, such as Provision of device-specific power consumption data and solar production data,
  2. couple the Watt Analytics Systems with home automation systems for the energy-optimized control of individual devices.

Power generators and network operators who use the Watt Analytics system as an interesting add-on for existing customers who want to analyze their power consumption accurately.

Online Power Comparison Portals, which provide their site visitors with the Watt Analytics software an additional tool and new insights to optimize power consumption and thus reduce power costs over the long term.

Increase energy efficiency and become our partner.