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Use energy efficiently with Watt Analytics

We analyze, forecast and control electricity consumption in real time

Analyze, optimize and control your energy consumption with Watt Analytics. You can identify potential savings, use energy efficiently and reduce your energy costs significantly. We automate your last mile of electricity consumption with you.

The advantages of Watt Analytics technology

Save up to 25% energy costs

save energie with the watt analytics energy saving system

With Watt Analytics you can significantly increase the consumption of the electricity you generate yourself. Your end devices are optimally controlled so that they get electricity when the electricity price is cheapest. In this way, unnecessary consumption can be identified and your energy costs can be reduced significantly. With the help of our machine learning technology, our system is able to continuously learn and improve itself, online and in real time.

Environmental protection through higher energy efficiency

Environmental protection through higher energy efficiency

Using our multilayer optimization, we combine all energy efficiency measures with one another and synchronize them so that the best overall result for energy efficiency is achieved from the sum of all measures. With the help of our multi-dimensional optimization, you can use your energy requirements as well as the electricity you produce yourself with the highest cost efficiency, the best price-performance ratio and the highest possible degree of efficiency.

Use electricity from your own systems efficiently

use electricity from your own systems efficiently

With Watt Analytics you achieve the highest energy efficiency when consuming the electricity you produce yourself. We optimize the electricity requirements of controllable consumers as best as possible and synchronize them with the availability of your own electricity from your energy systems. For example, your electric car will charge when your own electricity is being produced.

Optimize and control your electricity consumption in the company or in private households