About Watt Analytics

β€žThe current energy system is not sustainable.β€œ

The demand for energy is increasing worldwide, this is mainly driven by economic and population growth. As a result of this trend, we want to develop intelligent energy saving solutions with the aim to also then help protect the environment.

current energy system

Saving costs in the long term

Only through learning the personal energy behavior in detail; savings potential can then be identified and utilized. Our Watt Analytics system enables device-accurate and complete energy transparency, which allows every user to adapt their own energy consumption behavior to save costs.

saving cost

Reduce energy consumption while helping the environment

We stand for a sustainable energy industry. Consequently only through reducing energy consumption can sustainable use of our natural resources occur. One of the important goals we have is to help reduce climate change.

reduce energy consumption


vision partners

β€žWith our customers and partners we share the passion to use electricity efficiently.β€œ

Thomas Hutterer-Tik, Founder CEO Watt Analytics

In our partner network, electricity consumers, producers, distributors, electricians, device manufacturers, smart home users, PV suppliers, retailers, research and development work together to measure, understand, control and optimize their own consumption - in the sense of sustainable use of natural resources.

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